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Not to get all pat-myself-on-the-back-ey, but I got my first comment through the contact form on this new website, and I’m reproducing it here in its entirety because I’m so proud: “Your music sucks.” Thanks anonymous music critic! Your insightful … Continue reading

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The Hard Parts this Thursday 11/10

The Hard Parts play live at Scopes Underground this Thursday. See our website for details.

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She’s Got Legs and also Knows How to Use the Legs Which She Has Got

You know, for walking and such. The world has been, shall we say, out of alignment? Off kilter? Unbalanced? For some time now. Why? Because no one has covered ZZ Top’s song, “Legs” on ukulele. I have remedied the problem, … Continue reading

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Credit is Due

So, I’ve been thinking about doing this site overhaul/starting a blog thing for a while, but what really inspired me to do it, finally, was musician Jonathan Coulton’s site. It’s a pretty simple site, but it’s clear and easy to … Continue reading

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You’re Free! Freeeee!

Okay. I’ve spent all day trying out different photo galleries that I don’t seem to be quite able to get working, so I’m sticking with Lazy Gallery for now, despite the fact that neither I nor you can post comments … Continue reading

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Little by Little

The site’s starting to look like something. Gratifying after many hours of work, sorting through TONS of WordPress help out there and TONS of available plug-ins. Happy to have a photo gallery up, as that’s something I’ve wanted to add … Continue reading

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This is a Mess

Howdy. I’m in the midst of a major site overhaul. In the meantime, you can still hear my music here, or visit The Hard Parts audio of my band. Check back soon for a whole new world of wonder.

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