You’re Free! Freeeee!

Okay. I’ve spent all day trying out different photo galleries that I don’t seem to be quite able to get working, so I’m sticking with Lazy Gallery for now, despite the fact that neither I nor you can post comments on the photos. I’m not giving up permanently, just long enough to spend some time on the real purpose of this website: Music.

My album, The Circles, is now available for free. Thanks to all those that have purchased it with actual money in the past year, and thanks to all those that still do, either in hard copy or digitally, and thanks to those who love it and send me money so I can make another one. This was a hard decision, but ultimately I decided that the most important thing at this point in my career is to get heard. If you like it and want to help non-financially, the best thing you can do is share it with others. I promise not to sue you until my career takes off and I sell out…not neccessarily in that order.

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