Audio page updated

If you will kindly visit the audio page, you will find that I have updated it with some “The Hard Parts Pop Up” stuff, including downloadable tracks. Enjoy!

Back Home on GarageBand

Back Home (on The Hard Parts Pop Up) is in the current contest on GarageBand. It’s a pretty cool site, because reviewers know nothing about you except for the music they hear, and every song on there is guaranteed to get a whole bunch of reviews since you’re required to review 40 songs before you can upload one of your own.

At the moment, it’s at #17 out of almost 400 songs in the indie-rock genre. So far, it peaked at #6 and has been in the top 20 for weeks. Also, it was track of the day on October 16, track of the week for the week of November 27 and won an award for best keyboards in all genres! I’ve had other tracks on there, but none that have done quite so well.

Check it out and read the reviews here.