Amie Street Player on the Audio Page

You can sample and buy tracks from Amie Street right here on the audio page now! Just click audio up there in the banner. Or, if you are very, very lazy, click audio here in this sentence. I guess I have some sales, because the price of the album has skyrocketed to 69 cents!

The Hard Parts Pop Up for almost FREE!

Here’s a place for all you cheapskates to get my album: Amie Street

At the moment, the whole album is 36 cents. As more people purchase it, the price goes up, so go NOW. You didn’t go. You’re still reading. Stop! Go!

Also, the tracks you download have no DRM and are in mp3 format. This is a good thing because it means you can play them back on any number of computers and any portable device, and can make copies for friends who are even bigger cheapskates than you, unlike tracks purchased from iTunes and most other online music stores.

Of course, hard copies of the CD are still available at CD Baby.

Still here, huh? Well, don’t blame me if the price has gone up to 37 cents by the time you get there!