Portraits of Jordan

I’m building my photo portfolio of people doing their favorite thing — the thing that makes them feel most joyful, most alive, most like the self they want to be. It can be anything: kayaking, walking the dog, doing yoga, mud-wrestling, dressing up like a bass and terrorizing fishermen in the East River…no judgments from me, just so long as it’s one of the things that makes them happy to be alive.

Here are a few images of my girlfriend, Jordan, doing one of her favorite things — swimming. Some text from her is below the thumbnails.
“I have always loved the water. As a child, I swam below the surface. I chased the rainbows as they ribboned in waves across the bottom. I would point my face downward and kick against the air in my belly that wanted to rise, flipping on my back and letting my breath out slowly from my mouth and nose – watching the bubbles rise – my own ribbon of silver jellyfish trailing after me as I had the rainbows.”
– Jordan Van Aken

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