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Newer-ish Stuff

Jeanie Sleeps
Sherwin Shake it Up

The Hard Parts: The Hard Parts Pop Up (September 2006)

The Hard Parts – The Hard Parts Pop Up

  1. Friendly Fire
  2. Fell Out of the Sky
  3. Not Moving Me
  4. So Happy So Hungry
  5. Stay Down
  6. Back Home
  7. My Pet Cow
  8. Soft Orange Glow
  9. Sparrow’s Waltz
  10. Anywhere but Here
  11. Telenovela
  12. Hot2Trot and MonkeyBoy
  13. Cosmic Confirmation
  14. End of the Road
  15. You Should Surf
  16. Mr. Blue
  17. Kids Today
  18. Why Don’t You Change
  19. Poeme for Guitar and Piano

Ten Instrumentals (February 2006)

  1. Kids Today
  2. Siphon
  3. Sparrow’s Waltz
  4. Message Begins
  5. So Happy So Hungry
  6. A Final Thought
  7. My Pet Cow
  8. Sad But True
  9. Wiggle and Shake
  10. End of the Road

The Circles (August 2004)

The Circles - Jordan Yaruss

  1. Oh Yes
  2. Organy
  3. Everything You Wish For…
  4. Five Things
  5. Sleep On It
  6. The Closer
  7. In A Trance
  8. The Radio Part I
  9. The Radio Part II
  10. You’ll Never Know
  11. Superball

Some miscellaneous stuff

    Legs by ZZ Top. Ukulele-style. 11/06/05

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