Emily – Trail Running

Here’s the second session in my “Your Favorite Thing” series. This time it’s Emily, trail runner extraordinaire and all-around awesome person.
“Curious by nature, I relish new trails yet believe a path is different with each passing. The journey is the destination. Art is life. Life is art.” – Emily

Portraits of Jordan

I’m building my photo portfolio of people doing their favorite thing — the thing that makes them feel most joyful, most alive, most like the self they want to be. It can be anything: kayaking, walking the dog, doing yoga, mud-wrestling, dressing up like a bass and terrorizing fishermen in the East River…no judgments from me, just so long as it’s one of the things that makes them happy to be alive.

Here are a few images of my girlfriend, Jordan, doing one of her favorite things — swimming. Some text from her is below the thumbnails.
“I have always loved the water. As a child, I swam below the surface. I chased the rainbows as they ribboned in waves across the bottom. I would point my face downward and kick against the air in my belly that wanted to rise, flipping on my back and letting my breath out slowly from my mouth and nose – watching the bubbles rise – my own ribbon of silver jellyfish trailing after me as I had the rainbows.”
– Jordan Van Aken

A New and Different Way for Me to Procrastinate!

When I’m feeling musically uninspired, but still want to be creative, I really enjoy going out with my digital camera for a few hours. Maybe because photography is a “hobby” and music is a “career,” taking pictures sometimes feels more like playing. That said, photography is a hobby I take seriously. I’m proud of the work I’ve done and I like to show it off.

So…I’ve started a photoblog. It’s at burningdaylight.net. The design is definitely a work-in-progress, but it’s up and running. I think I have enough of a backlog of photos so that, between old and new shots, I’ll be able to post about one a day. And, of course, there’s an RSS feed so you can subscribe and a comments link so spammers can post meaningless crap.

You’re Free! Freeeee!

Okay. I’ve spent all day trying out different photo galleries that I don’t seem to be quite able to get working, so I’m sticking with Lazy Gallery for now, despite the fact that neither I nor you can post comments on the photos. I’m not giving up permanently, just long enough to spend some time on the real purpose of this website: Music.

My album, The Circles, is now available for free. Thanks to all those that have purchased it with actual money in the past year, and thanks to all those that still do, either in hard copy or digitally, and thanks to those who love it and send me money so I can make another one. This was a hard decision, but ultimately I decided that the most important thing at this point in my career is to get heard. If you like it and want to help non-financially, the best thing you can do is share it with others. I promise not to sue you until my career takes off and I sell out…not neccessarily in that order.

Little by Little

The site’s starting to look like something. Gratifying after many hours of work, sorting through TONS of WordPress help out there and TONS of available plug-ins. Happy to have a photo gallery up, as that’s something I’ve wanted to add to my site for some time now. I’m using Lazy Gallery for the time being, but I’m hoping to find something almost as easy to get up and running that adds the ability to write descriptions and allow comments from visitors…should I ever actually have visitors.

Audio files are up too. I’m contemplating putting my album up for free download. I’ve sold some copies through CDBaby over the past year, but I’m thinking maybe I just want as many people as possible to hear and, hopefully, enjoy it.

Oh — try refreshing the page for a different banner photo up at the top there. Yow.