Still Here

I’ve been trying to make a living from music for a bunch of years now, but It hasn’t happened yet. What has happened is that the joy has been sucked out of the process. So, I’m going to stop trying to make a living from music and hope that the joy comes back.

To that end, all my music is now available for free download on the audio page. In addition, I will be uploading a few new tracks in the coming weeks. If you listen and like what you hear, what I would like more than anything is your comments either here or through my contact page. Knowing that someone is out there on the other end would be greatly encouraging and inspiring to me.

Thanks. I feel better already.

Please Vote! (for me)

My song, Back Home, is a top-10 finalist on! Now, fans vote by text message to decide the final ranking (and who will win fabulous prizes such as CA$H). Check out the top 10 here, and then vote for MEEEEEE!!!!

To vote for me, you have to send the text message “ROCK02” to STAGE (78243), and they getcha for 50 cents, but if I win I will buy you a sandwich. I’m currently #5, and there haven’t been that many votes in the contest so far, so your vote really will make a big difference.

Oh, and you only have until tomorrow, so you have to do it right now! Thank you!

Amie Street Player on the Audio Page

You can sample and buy tracks from Amie Street right here on the audio page now! Just click audio up there in the banner. Or, if you are very, very lazy, click audio here in this sentence. I guess I have some sales, because the price of the album has skyrocketed to 69 cents!

The Hard Parts Pop Up for almost FREE!

Here’s a place for all you cheapskates to get my album: Amie Street

At the moment, the whole album is 36 cents. As more people purchase it, the price goes up, so go NOW. You didn’t go. You’re still reading. Stop! Go!

Also, the tracks you download have no DRM and are in mp3 format. This is a good thing because it means you can play them back on any number of computers and any portable device, and can make copies for friends who are even bigger cheapskates than you, unlike tracks purchased from iTunes and most other online music stores.

Of course, hard copies of the CD are still available at CD Baby.

Still here, huh? Well, don’t blame me if the price has gone up to 37 cents by the time you get there!


Audio page updated

If you will kindly visit the audio page, you will find that I have updated it with some “The Hard Parts Pop Up” stuff, including downloadable tracks. Enjoy!

Back Home on GarageBand

Back Home (on The Hard Parts Pop Up) is in the current contest on GarageBand. It’s a pretty cool site, because reviewers know nothing about you except for the music they hear, and every song on there is guaranteed to get a whole bunch of reviews since you’re required to review 40 songs before you can upload one of your own.

At the moment, it’s at #17 out of almost 400 songs in the indie-rock genre. So far, it peaked at #6 and has been in the top 20 for weeks. Also, it was track of the day on October 16, track of the week for the week of November 27 and won an award for best keyboards in all genres! I’ve had other tracks on there, but none that have done quite so well.

Check it out and read the reviews here.

New Album is Available on CDBaby!

It’s here! The Hard Parts Pop Up is available for PURCHASE HERE on My considered opinion is that you ought to purchase it right the hell now.

Most of the songs have preview clips available on the aforementioned (and linked) cdbaby page, but for a limited time YOU CAN HEAR THE WHOLE ALBUM FOR FREE on right on over here. You won’t be able to save the tracks, and they aren’t at the 100% luscious sound quality you will get when you purchase the CD, but you are able to stream every song all the way through.

And, in case I didn’t mention: BUY IT HERE!

New Album On the Way!

A quick update on my new album, “The Hard Parts Pop Up”. Graphics have been designed, audio has been uploaded, duplication has been ordered. A couple weeks, and I should have a link for the CDBaby page where you can buy your very own copy!